Therapies & Services

Applied Behavior Therapy

Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA Therapy) is an evidence intervention for children with Autism. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the use of various techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior and skills of individuals such as communication, social, academic, and behavior difficulties (noncompliance, temper tantrums, self-injury behaviors, property destruction, injury to others, amongst others). It is the most commonly used intervention in individuals with Autism.

  1. Diagnostic Testing of Children for various disorders such as Autism, Developmental Delays, Brain Damage, etc
  2. Screenings of Premature and High-Risk Infants
  3. Individual Education Program (IEP) for Children
  4. School Placement of Children with Special Needs
  5. Intellectual and Psychological Testing including IQ and Learning Disability Testing


    CIDA provides professional counselling to the parents of children who have autism condition. With professional counselling, CIDA aims at changing the world. We believe together we can fight Autism.

    Early Intervention

    Early childhood intervention is a support and educational system for very young children who have been victims of, or who are at high risk for child abuse and/or neglect as well as children who have developmental delays or disabilities.

    Feeding Therapy

    Feeding Therapy is generally provided by a trained occupational therapist to assist individuals in being able to eat different types of food and increase food intake by mouth due to various reasons such as low motor control of mouth, oral motor apraxia, decreased oral motor muscle tone and strength, sensory processing disorders, amongst other reasons.

    Gym/Sports Programs

    Kids this age need physical activity to build strength, coordination, and confidence and to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. They’re also gaining more control over how active they are.

    School-age kids should have many chances to do a variety of activities, sports, and games that fit their personality, ability, age, and interests

    Nutritional Consultation

    Nutritional Consultation : Consultation provided by dietician to improve individual’s intake of healthy foods and supplements and to increase/decrease body weight based on needs

    Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy

    Occupational Therapy (OT) is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities, or occupations, of individuals with any type of disorder/diagnosis. 

    Speech Therapy is the use of assessment and intervention to help people who have speech problems, to learn to pronounce sounds, words, sentences correctly. 

    Parenting Training

    Parent management training, also known as behavioral parent training or simply parent training, is a family of treatment programs that aims to change parenting behaviors, teaching parents positive reinforcement methods for improving pre-school and school-age children’s behavior problems.

    Physical Therapy Kids

    Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy (PT) is the use of assessment and intervention for the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disease, injury, or disability that utilizes therapeutic exercise, physical modalities (such as massage and electrotherapy), assistive devices, prostheses for legs, amongst others. 

    Prevocational and Vocational Program

    Vocational education is education that prepares people to work as a technician or to take up employment in a skilled craft or trade as a tradesperson or artisan. Vocational education is sometimes referred to as career and technical education.

    Physical Therapy Kids

    Psychological Testing

    Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be difficult because there is no medical test, like a blood test, to diagnose the disorder. Doctors look at the child’s developmental history and behaviour to make a diagnosis. ASD can sometimes be detected at 18 months of age or younger.

    Special education/School Programs

    Special Education is provided in the school to autism affected kids. Together we aim at fighting autism so that every child feels free.

    Physical Therapy Kids

    Speech and Language Therapy

    Speech-language therapy addresses challenges with language and communication. It can help people with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal, and social communication. The overall goal is to help the person communicate in more useful and functional ways.